Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Ulzzang Indonesia Generation I

so today i will post about ' Ulzzang Indonesia '
they're so pretty and handsome too xD and look like korean!! :O
and this is ulzzang generation I 



her lastest update photo

She's better known by the name 'PUE' This is one of the first famous ulzzang in Indonesia. In fact, before the term 'ulzzang' own well-known in Indonesia, PUE has often followed the contest - a contest on facebook like kingdom of teen. This is one of the old photos that I found PUE time he participated in the kingdom of teen pageant, this arguably pre-debut photo PUE before he was known as ulzzang. If observed, photographed like this PUE does not wear circle lenses, with different photos - photos that he now uses circle lenses.

EG so familiar greeting from Ellen Gracia figure who is also one of the famous ulzzang in Indonesia. Just as pue, EG admitted that he had often entered the contest - a contest pretty boy and girls from myspace still exists, it's just that first contest - the contest is not a contest ulzzang search, but it has a scoring system similar.

real name Nadia S. Azzahra was first known as an ulzzang after winning the contest in Ulzzang Asia. Unlike the other ulzzang with oriental look, the real face of Indonesia owned nadia characterizes itself for ulzzang this one. 


frequently greeted ucii has super Chubby cheeks and big eyes  and look likes a doll that characterizes her as ulzzang. During this controversy emerged about uciibear is 'the eyes and cheeks that characterizes this yeoja a native or just edit'. If according to the owner's acknowledgment photos  his eyes recovered from the effects of the use of circle lenses with large diameter (18/19mm).


new updated photo

If we see at a glance, Vivie has a face similar to pue. Do they have a family connection? I know I'm not, if they knew each other they may be doing selca together. hahaha


1. Ocky Rizkyatama
Ocky first known as ulzzang after becoming champion in a contest organized by the Indonesian Ulzzang page. 

2. Tanaka Tan
Tanaka Tan?? Who's that?? Probably most of you do not know who Tan Tanaka, so let me introduce figure prior Tanaka. Actually, Tanaka figure is not too into the spotlight of public attention in the ulzzang indonesia world, but the fact is used frequently Tanaka join contest pretty boy and girl on facebook just like Pue and EG long before the famous ulzzang in Indonesia. Tanaka's why I put this as the first generation ulzzang guy. Curious want to see how the figure Tanaka Tan?  Let's see the picture immediately

3. Aditia Yudha
Well, mas-mas handsome this one also has a face that could be considered indo really! Although the original indo Ocky also namja, while the face ocky more to flower boy, lol! The handsome, whose real name is Rangga Yudha also does not seem to exist in a ulzzang world too,


1. Sansan Kim

To be honest I personally do not know about the Sansan too this, especially now it seems he rarely appears. Looks like facebook was already deactive, so I'm not really know about him.

2. Also
Look like a boy rite? anw this is the photo of her when she still have long hair and with girl style ^^
she's really pretty actually!

3. Booneko

Although known as ulzzang tomboy, this girl called Ken actually has a style that is very 'girl' really. Curious want to see how the original figure Booneko aka Ken? 
here it is!

so that's ulzzang indonesia generation I

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